Friday Fit Workout - 06/07/11

Sorry I had to miss two workouts for you all.. I'm still feeling under the weather, but a bit stronger today to provide you all a workout..short, simple layout today.
Test your brain with a list of 1-6 mantras. These mantras are quick notes of motivation to help strengthen and push you through tough workouts or days in which you really don't feel like getting it in, or find yourself tempted with that sweet tooth of junk food.
Example: I am strong!
              My mind can push my body into excellent possibilities!
              I train to the Max, every time!!
              Passion, Drive, Success, Repeat!
Now, if you choose to go the second step... run/jog  for 30-45 minutes today and see how far you can log your mileage today!! Good Luck, enjoy the weather, and Have FUN!!