Time for fitness is possible, even for mothers! - 04/18/12

When we were in our early 20's we probably could be found in nice bodyfitting clothes, maybe even sporting out our legs or our arms and some in high stilletoes. Of course I'm talking about women. We were strong independent and confident. Then came marriage and the baby carriage :)
All of a sudden, our lives changed and we stopped sporting those form fitting clothes and gravitated towards the relaxed fitted jeans, loose blouse, and flats or ballet shoes as we call them now. Funny how life changes. With the physical dress attire changing, so too did our priority on ourselves including fitness and health goals.
I'm here to say "MOMS shake out of it!! We have to keep our strong, independent and confident selves even while we had the husband and/or children into our lives."
Time for fitness is possible , even for mothers.
If you are not a stay in one place & pop a dvd in kind of mom here our some drills you can do outside.
* stroller jog 5-10min with walking lunges and chest press for 2 minutes
* outdoor boot camp of jacks, squats, sprints and push-ups
* basketball with kids
* 5 min sprint drills
* easy, breezy walk
Remember, we are only as strong as me allow ourselves to be!!!